RT2870 Linux Driver On Ubuntu 10.04

[ Thanks to An Anonymous Reader for
this link. ]

“Over the past few months, I have had a number of
people emailing me or posting to my YouTube account with questions
getting certain USB wifi dongles working easily with their Ubuntu
installations. For casual 802.11g usage with ZERO setup in any
Ubuntu installation (8.04 thru 10.04), I point people to the Edimax
EW7318USG. The problem is two-fold however, as this is relying on
older 802.11G technology in addition to becoming increasingly
difficult to locate due to its age. It uses the older RT73USB
module to work on your Ubuntu Linux desktop and while it does
indeed, work out of the box….it could be a bit slow if you
are using this to stream media.

“This brings me to using the RT2870 Linux driver on Ubuntu
10.04. For whatever reason, even the current release of Ubuntu
10.04 offers a false start with its provided options to get any
dongle using RT2870 working without dancing through a few hoops. To
make matters worse, those who have been trying to get RT2870
working has likely already installed and uninstalled so many
different options, that one would be better off starting with a
CLEAN Ubuntu install rather than making things worse. In short,
most of the documentation you will find out there is wrong,
half-written or flat full of it.”