Sabayon � Woes and Whoas of Upgrades

“Seems to be some woes and whoas running rampant in the
community. Lets take a look and see what some of the popular ones
are. Most of the issues are after a fresh install and than doing
the upgrades via the package manager to get your system current
with the repositories.

“Missing icons: Upon reboot, all your icons are missing, seeing
X’s instead of an image. This one creeps up from time to time and
doesn’t seem to be effecting those that have been rolling along
with updates. Please reinstall gtk+ by doing equo install
x11-libs/gtk+ and restart your desktop. Everything should be happy
once again.

“KDE login: Seems a lot of people are having issues with not
being able to log in after doing updates. It seems to effect even
those that are rolling along with it.”

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