Sabayon 5.5 review

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“Sabayon Linux 5.5 is the latest release of the
Gentoo-based Linux distribution. It is also the first Sabayon
release this year and judging from this distribution’s release
history, we should expect to see at least three more releases
before the end of the year. Sabayon offers a separate installation
image for each of the major desktop environments. GNOME and KDE
editions of previous Sabayon releases have been reviewed on this
site, but not an Xfce edition.

“This article is a review of the Xfce edition of Sabayon Linux

“Installation: The latest stable version of Anaconda, the Fedora
system installer, is the same one used on all current releases of
Sabayon Linux. That means that there is support for LVM, the Linux
Logical Volume Manager, RAID (Random Array of Inexpensive Disks),
and full disk encryption. Ext4 is the default journaling file
system, and LVM is the preferred disk partitioning scheme.”