Sabayon 7 KDE review

[ Thanks to finid
for this link. ]

“A new installation uses about 4.9 GB of disk space, with ext4
as the default file system, and ext3, xfs, jfs and btrfs as
optional file system types. Since Sabayon is a rolling release
distribution, existing users do not have to reinstall to have an up
to date system. The simple act of applying available updates is
enough to give existing users a system as current as a brand new
installation. I tested the rolling feature while reviewing the
GNOME 3 edition (see Sabayon 7 GNOME 3 review), and it worked as
advertised. So I did not bother to do that with the KDE

“Logging in And Using the System: Like its boot menu, Sabayon’s
login screen offers many more options than that of any other
distribution I have used or reviewed. But those other options are
not the focus of this review, so I will just stick to the KDE