SAGE: System Administrators Certification Survey

[ Thanks to Dan
for this link. ]

“SAGE, The System Administrators Guild, is pleased to announce
the System Administrators Occupational Analysis Survey.

This is an ambitious step toward a certification program created
strictly by and for System Administrators. This program will allow
us to set our own industry standards and educational curricula in a
vendor neutral environment. Survey data from a cross section of
practicing system administrators is critical in evaluating the
various technologies and expertise levels that exist in the market
today. We seek input on the tasks and responsibilities that
comprise a system administrator’s position as well as the
knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform them well.

Certification of system administration professionals is not only
inevitable, it is a reality. SAGE has taken the lead in this
industry-wide effort and you can participate by simply completing
the survey. Your participation is critical for future educational
information and certification.

Log onto http://www.usenix.org/sage/cert/survey
to complete the survey and make yourself heard. The number and
diversity of system administrator responses greatly impacts the
value of the survey data. Please help us reach as many system
administrators as possible by forwarding this announcement to
colleagues who may not have seen it. Your participation is greatly