Salon: A bug in the legal code?

“Nearly four weeks after Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled in favor of
the movie industry, ordering a hacker Web site not to post or link
to DeCSS, copies of the DVD-decrytping code abound.”

“There are offshore DeCSS posters and anonymous types running
DeCSS mirror sites with such catchy names as the do not sue me
page. And even the castigated 2600 Hacker Quarterly has gotten
around the no-linking decision by simply removing the HTML and
carrying a text list of more than 200 URLs you can cut and paste
into a browser to reach a site that does post DeCSS. The total
delay bought with nine months of litigation: about two

“David Touretzky finds this ‘bizarre.’ To call attention to the
legal loopholes, the Carnegie Mellon computer science professor
curates a gallery of alternative versions of the code. You can read
an English language translation written by Touretzky, who testified
at the DeCSS trial. You can listen to a song or dramatic reading of
the program, just as you can view a picture of it. If you want a
sugar-coated version, just open up the Yahoo greeting card that
contains the program and a coupon for a free Slurpee. This is a guy
that really means it when he defends his right to creative
expression through code.”

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