SCLUG LUG Fest March 18!

[ Thanks to Gareth J.
for this announcement. ]

The Simi-Conejo Linux Users Group proudly invites all
Southern California Linux users, Linux Users Groups, and anyone
with an interest in Linux to participate
in SCLUG’s second
annual LUGFest (aka LUGFest 1.0).

Held in Simi Valley, California, a LUGFest is a “demofest” where
Linux applications are demoed for all comers. There will also be
mini-seminars on various Linux-related subjects.

This year’s LUGFest has more demos and more sponsors than last
year’s, and will be even better! Sponsors include Red Hat, Andover,
VA Linux and many more. Signups include such known Linux developers
as Daryll Strauss and Michael Elkins and Linux companys such as
VMWare and Loki Games.

Help us make this Linux event a notable one!

For more info, see http://lugfest.sclug.org. We’ll see
you on the 18th of March! Happy Linuxing!