Security: Linux, OS X, Unix and Malware (Viruses)

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“It is not that unix-like systems are invulnerable to attack,
but that the types of attacks I have seen mentioned over this month
will get right through most anti-malware software on systems that
are vulnerable. All these anti-malware solutions seem able to do is
protect your Microsoft using friends and clients to whom you might
forward an infected e-mail sent to you from someone else using an
infected Microsoft Windows system.

“The fact that Microsoft software is perceived to have the
largest installed base does mean there are many more attacks
against Microsoft systems on the desktop space. But, just because a
system is highly targeted does not mean it can be successfully
targeted. The flawed core design of all Microsoft operating
systems, desktop and server, means more successful attacks. The
“designed with security in mind” unix-like systems are much less
likely to experience a successful attack on the desktop or the
server. This is not to say they will never be targeted, they will.
Just that the incidents of successful attacks are likely to be much
lower than that of Microsoft’s systems. Of course, any desktop
system that has a user interacting with it can be successfully
attacked through social engineering. User education is the only
solution to social engineering attacks.”

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