sendmail.net: From 8.9 to 8.10: Upgrade Made Easy

In case you haven’t heard, sendmail 8.10 is out at last.
With SMTP authentication, multiple queues, better LDAP support, and
more than 150 other new features, the new release lets us run
faster, play harder, and stop more spam than ever before.

“Before you can start working with these new features, though,
you need to be running sendmail 8.10. How scary is that? Not scary
at all. This article’s sole purpose is to get you from 8.9 to 8.10
without worrying about the new features – to help you get sendmail
8.10 up and running with the same functionality sendmail 8.9 gives
you now. Once that’s done, you can have fun with the new

“While commercial vendors aren’t including 8.10 in their
offerings yet, it is starting to appear in open source systems. For
instance, OpenBSD includes sendmail 8.10 in the 2.7beta build,
thanks to the efforts of Todd Miller (whose notes also inspired
this article).”

“We’ll assume you’re running some version of sendmail 8.9,
either downloaded from the usual source or provided by a system
vendor. If you’re running 8.8.x, keep reading and see what you can