Setting Up an Open Source Server, Firewall and Router on Endian, Part 1

“There are numerous open source firewall, router and network
server projects. In this two-part tutorial we will discuss the free
community version of Endian. It’s a Linux distribution that can
turn any system into a full-featured network and Internet security

“First, we will perform the basic configuration of Endian. This
includes setting up the Internet connection and creating a local
network with DHCP enabled. Then, we will set up the OpenVPN server.
(Note that this tutorial is based on Endian Firewall Community
version 2.4, released May 29 2010.)

“You’ll see how to configure Road Warrior VPN connections, so
you can securely access your network from remote locations or
protect local traffic on public Internet ports or Wi-Fi hotspots.
You’ll also see how to configure gateway-to-gateway VPN
connections, so you can securely connect multiple offices together
via the Internet.”

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