SEUL.org: Linux in education report #2

“Here’s a notice from Jean-Pierre Demailly on what’s going on in
Grenoble (France), in connection with Linux in education. The
websites mentioned are of course in French…”

“Jeff Covey tells us that, “there are console/education and
x11/education categories in freshmeat now. One of our workers has
been assigned the task of adding everything from the seul education
page to it, but we’ll welcome any submissions of other apps that
should be there. If it’s already in freshmeat, it’s just a matter
of changing the category, so we can move things around very quickly
and have a good repository of educational apps in no time at

The SEUL/edu documentation project is nearing completion on
its first two efforts. The 2 documents nearing completion are
“Linux SGML Software” and “SEUL/edu Documentation Standards” (&
Once these “ground work” documents are done we will
have a solid base and can start working on additional documentation
projects. The SEUL/edu documentation effort is planning to create
its documents using the DocBook SGML DTD, just as the Linux
Documentation Project does for its Guides.”