SFLC on Atheros Driver Issue

“As the Atheros driver issue continues to simmer on the OpenBSD
-misc mailing list and the Linux Kernel mailing list, with debate
continuing over when the license of source code can be altered or
added to, Eben Moglen made a statement for the Software Freedom Law
Center. He began by defending their own actions, ‘it might be
useful to recall the first stage of this process, when OpenBSD
developers were accused of misappropriating Atheros code, and SFLC
investigated and proved that no such misappropriation had occurred?
Wild accusations about our motives are even more silly than they
are false.’ He went on to acknowledge, ‘we understand that
attribution issues are critically important to free software
developers; we are accustomed to the strong feelings that are
involved in such situations. In the fifteen years I have spent
giving free legal help to developers throughout the community,
attribution disputes have been, always, the most emotionally