ShowMeLinux.com: Read Me: Battle Between the Operating Systems

Not to sound too much like a famous comedian from the 90’s,
but what’s the deal with these OS wars? These guys hate each other,
and I do mean hate.
Here’s an example. This week I returned a
phone message which noted that the caller was interested in some
information on Linux training. Upon my returning the call and
referencing Linux, the caller quickly spouted off “Linux! Linux
sucks! I want Unix training. There’s no way in hell I’d use Linux.
Linux sucks!”. I think the caller added the second “Linux sucks!”
at the end just to really make their point. I consider myself an
intelligent adult and hoped the person I was calling might be as
well. But this was sounding like a shouting match between grade
school kids in the playground.”

“So what is the deal? Why the hatred between the OS camps? Now,
let me say right away up front that this is not the rule, nor the
exception, but it is becoming prevalent. Let’s look at some more
examples. The easiest target is of course Microsoft also known as
Micro$oft or Microsucks, etcetera. I was always of the opinion that
the name was bad enough as it is. Just look at the two terms, micro
and soft, something small and weak. But maybe that’s me being a
little infantile (as I do write for a Linux publication). This site
http://www.ihatewindows.com/ takes a classic approach by adding
devil horns to a picture of Bill Gates. Or my favorite is the
Windows NT keyboard shown on http://www.win2000sucks.com/. And
http://www.microsoftsucks.com/ takes you to sucks.com where they
hate corporate America in general. We wouldn’t want to leave anyone

“And what about Linux? Well, http://www.ihatelinux.com/ actually
links to microsoft.com. Back to the root of the evil I guess. You
can’t be considered a success till someone makes a website about
how much they hate you. Here’s an organization that hates linux,
http://www.linuxsucks.org/, but a similarly named site
http://www.linuxsucks.com/ are actually Linux supporters in
disguise. Double agents! I’ve always said if you are going to hate,
hate everyone, don’t be exclusive. This gentleman at
http://linuxmafia.com/cabal/os-suck.html seems to agree, he starts
with Linux and proceeds to point out how all the OS’s suck.”