ShowMeLinux.com: Where in this wireless world?

[ Thanks to Bertrand Tassel for this
link. ]

“Linux is a major player in the server market. Linux is very
slowly encroaching on the desktop. But it seems the key is to start
small; small and portable. The world of wireless is very much upon
us and cell phones paved the way. But what about my email, web
access and more? Wireless personal digital assistants (PDA),
Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) phones and other Internet aware
devices are becoming all the rage. Where do you want to go today?
Do you want to take it with you? Linux seems to be the ideal to
scale down and become the embedded OS in these devices. And not
just portable devices, also video game consoles, microwaves, smart
refrigerators and more.
There might already be a baby penguin
running your freezer.”

“Recently at the LinuxWorld Expo in San Jose, Agenda Computing
revealed the VR3 PDA. This Linux based PDA appears to be a
competitor to the successful Palm and Handspring devices. It sports
a 66Mhz processor with 8Mb RAM and 2Mb flash RAM. The VR3 provides
the standard suite of applications such as a notepad, schedules,
email and more. But the open Linux OS allows for everyone and
anyone to develop applications, and take advantage of the XFree86 X