Sick of Ubuntu’s bad breath? Suck on a Linux Mint instead

“If the jump from the GNOME 2 desktop to the new GNOME Shell or
Unity desktop in Ubuntu has left you feeling dissatisfied, one
increasingly popular distribution just might offer something that
turns out to be the best of both worlds – Linux Mint.

“Originally created as a spinoff of Ubuntu, Mint has long since
come into its own and offers a number of advantages over other
distros, including a desktop that dares to stay firmly in the
Middle Earth of the ongoing desktop holy wars.

“Mint takes what’s good about the GNOME Shell while retaining
what was great about GNOME 2. The result is not, surprisingly, a
Frankendesktop of horrendous proportions, but something quite
usable. The new Fedora and Ubuntu’s Unity could be considered
responsible for an upsurge of interest in Mint, especially since
Mint 12 late last year.”

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