Siemens R/3 Update

Linux Today reader Bradford L.

“Thought others might be interested in this, regarding the
recent claim by Siemens that Linux produced the highest SD
Benchmark results to date on Intel hardware. I had mentioned the
news article to several Windows users and was pointed to an older
article by Siemens that showed an NT server that was actually
benchmarked slightly faster (245 SD users as opposed to the 241
that Linux acheived).

“I contacted Fred [Mobach], as he had actually contacted
Siemens, and had received the certified results (which were posted
on Linux Today recently), and he pointed me in the direction of Mr.
Hecht at Siemens. According to Mr. Hecht, Linux has indeed the
fastest results to date, as the previous benchmark was done on
V3.1, while the Linux tests were performed on V4.0.. And according
to him, V4.0 is typically up to 30% slower than V3.1 on the same

“This is indeed the verification I was looking for and clarifies
the point greatly. Below is Mr. Hechts’ response:”

Forwarded Message ——————
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 10:50:26 +0200
From: Hecht Michael @wdf.siemens.de
To: Bradford L. Barrett @mrunix.net
Subject: Linux-Benchmark, your questions

Dear Mr. Barrett,

unfortunately the R/3 benchmark site from IDEAS
International is sortet only by the number of SD benchmark users
and not sorted by R/3 release. The benchmark you mentioned with 245
SD users on NT was performed with R/3 release 3.1, so you
can´t compare this result with a benchmark with release 4.0.
With release 4.0 on the same hardware you will get up to 30% less
SD bench users! Therefore the statement is correct that our Linux
bench reached the highest number of SD benchmark users on a 4-way
Intel system.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to
contact me.

kind regards

Michael Hecht
Manager Sales Support
Siemens SAP Competence Center Walldorf
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