Signal Ground: Linux Hardware Support Survey Part 1: Motherboards

“Signal Ground thinks the time has come for hardware vendors to
begin recognizing that the Linux operating system is here to stay
and deserves some level of acknowledgement and support. We were
suprised to find a number of motherboard vendors that don’t want to
even mutter the “L” word even to distance themselves from it.”

“In Part 1 of our newest survey, the Signal Ground team audited
numerous motherboard websites on patrol for any and all references
to Linux (compatibility test reports, known problem reports, Linux
drivers or otherwise). Our feeling is that if you’re using
Linux, why not give your hard earned dollars to a company trying to
support your favorite OS.
In the end, we graded 15 motherboard
vendors based on how much — or how little — they support, mention
or give promotion to Linux….”

“Our informal survey can be considered as a snapshot in time
(August 2000), and any subsequent website improvements will not be
represented. Some sites had built-in search engines to help with
this task, while some did not. If a site didn?t have a search
engine, we just tried to surf around through technical support
sections, download file areas and frequently asked questions (FAQ)
sections. Essentially, our feeling was this: if we couldn?t find
it, other Linux users won?t be able to, either.”


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