Skåne Sjælland Linux User Group welcomes their 1,500th member

Claus Sørensen

Yesterday the largest Linux user group Skåne
Sjælland Linux User Group (SSLUG) said welcome to member
number 1500 and almost at the same time 1500 free Red Hat 5.2
CD-ROM’s were “sold out”.

Thursday December 10th SSLUG got 1500 free Red Hat 5.2 CD-ROMs
sponsored by Dansk Data Elektronik (DDE) and Dansk UNIX-system
Bruger Gruppe (DKUUG) to distribute too new and current members.
DDE is one of the largest Danish IT companies (http://www.dde.dk) and DKUUG is the Danish
UNIX user group (http://www.dkuug.dk).

Even before the story of the free CD-ROMs was printed in the
news they were sold out in only 4 days. The CD-ROM was distributed
by 12 Danish and 2 Swedish members. The distributors received
envelopes with the right postage by users who want a free CD-ROM.
This is the third time SSLUG distributes free CD-ROMs but this time
was absolutely the fastest.

Member number 1500 appeared late Monday night and shows that
SSLUG has grown by 50% in just 41 days (since November 3rd). If the
group keeps expanding with that rate SSLUG will have over 65,000
members New Year’s Eve 1999 🙂