Slackware Linux Review � Current version 13.1

“User Friendly

“One of the most common statements about Slackware is that, it
is difficult to maintain, and not user friendly. This is only
partially true and depends on what is easy for you. If you know
nothing about Linux then it may be complicated to start with
Slackware, but if you know a little bit about Linux, then it could
actually be easier to have a server on Slackware than for example
Fedora or Ubuntu. Why?. Well mainly because it is more difficult to
break things in Slackware than in others, the lack of a dependency
resolution official tool, makes installing and maintaining software
more time consuming, but at the same time, more stable. So if easy
for you means less time finding and installing software, then
Slackware is not easy, but if on the other hand easy for you, means
less problems and down times, then Slackware may be your

“So, Slackware is not for experienced users only, but it
certainly doesn’t do everything for you like Ubuntu, Fedora,
PCLinuxOS or others.”

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