Slackware, the Un-Buntu

“Slackware is the Un-Buntu. It’s almost the Un-Debian, but
definitely the Un-Buntu. Whether this is good or bad is not
something I’m going to talk about. It’s just different. As I get
deeper into using Slackware 12.0, I find myself reading more and
more about the distribution, which is not exactly front-burner blog
material. To start off, I found this great item from
tuxmachhines.org, Slackware 12: The anti-‘buntu. Un-Buntu,
anti-‘buntu … I don’t know which term to use.

“I keep thinking, Slackware’s pretty cool, but as the link above
says, Slack has maybe 800 packages vs. 18,000 for Debian. What does
Slack have to offer that Debian does not…? “

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