Slashdot: Andre Hedrick On Hard Drive Copy Protection

“Andre Hedrick, Linux ATA dude and member of the committee that
sets ATA hard drive interface standards, got your questions by
email yesterday, and we got his answers back this morning. He gives
us the inside dope about latest attempt by various
copyright-worried industry heavies to stop you from using files in
ways they dislike, spiced with a fair amount of humor, because…
well, because Andre’s just that kind of guy (and we like him that

“How can we aid your efforts in the most effective way?

Well it appears that everyone has ruined the Christmas vacation of
the current officers, (I am glad that I did not accept the
potential offer to consider vice-chairman at ths time, but I may
reconsider), and all the nasty-grams have been forwarded to the
members. We have been asked to review the content by the acting
chair, with a notice to re-think the actions to be considered in

“Also you may vent on , but you will get no answer. I will
forward this to the members of the committee.”


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