Slashdot: AOL Nation

“If the AOL/Time-Warner merger is permitted, according to Scott
Ehrens, one of Wall Street’s most respected media analysts, it will
represent “an unprecedented powerhouse. If their mantra is content,
this alliance is unbeatable.”

The AOL/Time-Warner mantra is, in fact, content, along with
delivery. But it isn’t as clear whether it’s unbeatable. If the
IBM/Linux move hadn’t been announced on the same day, yesterday
would have gone down in history as one of the Net’s

“But IBM’s decision to Linux-enable its computers might mark an
even more significant shift in the technology world. IBM’s embrace
of open source underscores the fact that Linux is no longer a
fringe technology. The age of proprietorship may have ended
yesterday, as a hoary corporation appeared to emerge Godzilla-style
from the muck.”