Slashdot: Rebel Code: Inside Linux And The Open Source Revolution [Book Review]

“Open Source did turn out to be a revolution whose impact and
implications went beyond the wildest dreams of its idealistic,
obsessive creators and are ballooning beyond the software community
and the Net.”

“Rebel code helped end the Microsoft era, is challenging the
proprietary notions of commerce, intellectual property and
censorship that have dominated business and information for a long

“Rebel Code, by British author Glyn Moody is one of the first
serious histories of this movement. It’s an important story, and
also a useful primer for anybody interested in how this
increasingly complicated phenomenon came about.”

“Moody begins the book at the peak of Microsoft’s rule, with the
primal beginnings of Linux at the hands of Linus Torvalds, then a
college student in Finland. He takes us through the development of
the new system, all the way up to the newly-emerging business
implications of GNU/Linux.”


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