Smart Partner: Cookin With Linux

Linux may be cheap, but you can’t simply mix, measure and
pour. Just like any great recipe, it takes time, effort and

“Linux isn’t just making headlines, it’s cooking up some
business. The day surely will come when a customer asks you to
concoct an Internet server solution based on Linux. Hey, no
problem-you’re a smart systems integrator, right? While installing
and building Linux servers has never been simpler, if you’ve never
done it before, it’s easy to miss a pinch of this or a pat of that
and get burned. There are many ways to roll a Linux-based solution,
and not all of them will fit your customers’ specific needs.”

“So it is that we followed the trials and tribulations of a
small New Jersey-based brick-and-mortar cellular-telephone
equipment reseller, First Communications. First Comm recently
decided to use Linux to build its first Internet server. The
company decided on Linux because of its low entry cost and the
abundance of free software. While the company’s internal
tech-support staff and integrator had ample experience with Windows
NT and NetWare, they didn’t know Unix or Linux. They quickly
discovered that the Linux world was quite different and rife with
issues they had never anticipated. Sound like a recipe for disaster
to you? Pull up a chair, and read on.”

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