Solus 1.2.1 Officially Released, First MATE Edition Now Available for Download

Solus 1.2.1 is shipping with the Budgie 10.2.8 desktop environment, which includes full IBus (Intelligent Input Bus) support for enabling multi-lingual input, a new Places Indicator for quick access to your most used folders and drives, improvements to the on-screen display (OSD) notifications for sound and brightness, a popover for the volume applet, and countless other small, yet useful enhancements. The graphical installer has been updated with full-disk encryption support via LUKS (Linux Unified Key Setup) in the graphical installer, along with LVM (Logical Volume Management) support, there’s now OpenGL 4.5 support for Intel Broadwell processors, which should provide users with a boost in gaming performance, and the latest Linux 4.8.2 kernel for better hardware support.