SpaceDaily.com: Linux Gets An Astro Navigator

“Analytical Graphics has ported its astro navigation software
suite – Satellite Tool Kit (STK) – to the Linux platform and will
run on any Linux release compatible with Red Hat Linux version 6.0.
STK 4.1.1 is scheduled to be available in April 2000.”

“The STK software suite is currently available on Windows 95,
98, 2000 and NT, as well as all the leading UNIX-based analysis
platforms. “Recent customer and industry feedback has now
dictated the desire for a Linux version of STK
,” states AGI’s
Vice President of Marketing, Frank Linsalata….”

“AGI provides commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) analysis and
visualization software solutions for the aerospace industry through
its core product Satellite Tool Kit (STK) and a series of
specialized STK add-on modules. STK supports end-to-end aerospace
systems from mission planning through operations.”