SRO: Caldera IPO Launch, Long Awaited Linux IPO expected to open on March 13

The real question for would-be stock buyers will be: Will
Caldera hold onto its anticipated initial stock price increase, as
Red Hat and Cobalt Networks have managed to do
; or will it
decline to a high, but far lower than opening-day price, as has
been the case with Andover.Net and VA Linux?”

“Caldera plans to use its five million share IPO net proceeds of
about $40.8 million to advance its technology, push forward
partnerships, investigate buying other businesses with
complementary technologies and expand the company.”

“Caldera is expected to push forward with offerings like its
eServer operating-system package, a Linux-based system designed
specifically for e-commerce. Although Caldera only saw a
year-over-year $15,000 increase in gross revenue for the quarter
ending on Jan. 31, 2000, sources close to the company claim that
Caldera’s e-commerce approach and strong reseller program are doing