SRO: The New King Of The Hill

Thanks to Jeremy Allison
for this link.

Smart Reseller Online says Samba on PHT’s TurboLinux beats
Netware 5.0 on the same hardware.

“Call us crazy, comparing Linux to NetWare, but we did it. Is
this a valid apples-to-apples comparison? Some may argue otherwise,
but we think so especially in the small-business (20- to 50- user)
market. It’s simple: In this arena, your customers don’t need
enterprise- management tools, and desktops don’t need to be locked
down to a specific configuration. Instead, your clients are seeking
maximum bang-for-the-buck for their basic file/print and Web
serving investment. What you supply is performance,
interoperability and value.”

“We know that Linux beats NT in this arena (see “Reviews: Linux
Takes On NT,”), and now we take Novell NetWare 5.0 into the ring.
If you eat, drink and breathe NetWare, you’re not going to like
most of this article. Linux handily beats NetWare in basic file
serving in a small server environment. Who would have thought it?
Not us. Still, read on.”

“Our main point, though, is that Linux is as valid a choice as
NetWare for your customers’ servers. What it lacks in features and
support is more than made up in speed. Look through the PR smoke
and mirrors and select the network operating system set (price,
performance and features) that puts a smile on your customers’
face, and coins in your pocket.”


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