SSLUG could yesterday welcome member number 5000

[ Thanks to Peter Toft for
this announcement: ]

Yesterday member number 5000 joined SSLUG – Skåne
Sjælland Linux User Group.

SSLUG continues, with its now more than 5000 members, to be
among the largest Linux user groups in the world. When we, eighteen
months ago, passed 1000 members it was predicted that we would
enter the year 2000 with 5000 members. – It did take almost three
months more.

We are very happy for the large interest, people show Linux
and Open Source / Free software, and we hope that it also means
that we can look forward to a growing number of Open Source
developers in Denmark.
In addition to SSLUG reaching the 5000
members, it is also enjoyable that there now are around ten other
Linux user groups in Denmark, where several of them already have
more than 500 members. We in SSLUG hope that they will have a
similar success.

Skåne Sjælland Linux User Group (SSLUG) is a
Swedish/Danish user group with a high level of activity through
mailing lists, meetings, and conferences. It is, in the true Linux
(or is it Linus) spirit free of charge to be a member. SSLUG was
founded in 1996.

There is more information about the activities in SSLUG on our
web site (http://www.sslug.dk).

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