Sun (Now Oracle) VirtualBox: An Observation

[ Thanks to Go2Linux for this link.

“Ok, I recognize and greatly appreciate the tremendous
contributions of open source software. I really do. I use it every
day, and have done so for many years. I’m a Linux person from the
word go. But, I work for a Windows Shop. All Windows, All The Time.
So, to fill out my time sheet in order to get paid, or to follow
all the Track Changes in a Microsoft 2007 proposal document, I have
to run Windows, because the company I work for uses 100% Windows
software to run their business.

“I accept that. And to ensure that I can fill out my time sheet,
and track all those changes in MS Word documents, I run Windows in
a virtual machine. (As an aside, I also use Open Office, have done
so for years, but OO is not 100% compatible with MS Word. It’s also
not always too swift with track changes, and I cannot count the
hours I have wasted trying to make an OO Presentation look like
anything other than the dog’s dinner when viewed in MS Power

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