Take your Linux PC back to the future!

[ Thanks to Linux User &
Developer magazine
for this link. ]

“But how do you use them all together? This tutorial will look
at one way that you can combine all of these programs together to
give you a fully functional desktop. You’ll essentially end up with
a console desktop where you can check email, surf the web, chat
with people, catch up on the news, and more. We’ll use tmux to
organise your desktop and make the most of your screen real

“Email will handled by Mutt; web browsing by ELinks. The great
thing is that there are multiple options for many of the tasks you
may wish to do. So these should only be taken as examples. You can
replace any of these utilities with your favourite versions. You
should end up with a desktop that you’d be proud to use in 1985.
Note: For easier screen grabbing we took the grabs for this article
in X11, running these apps from an xterm window.”

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