Take Your Web Server With You

“Photos, slide stacks, and huge documents can take up a lot of
file space and we frequently need to distribute those files out to
colleagues working on a project. When everybody is working in the
office, you might have the luxury of being able to put your stuff
on an Alfresco (Linux) or Sharepoint (Microsoft) server. The
situation gets problematic when your team is working at a virtual
office at the coffee shop downtown or off-site in some client
conference room somewhere.

“USB sticks can move files around, but they are slow and
cumbersome. Email works too, until you hit that magical file size
limit on your email system.

“How about a portable Web server? You probably have one sitting
right there on your Linux laptop, just ready to be used. If not, it
is a simple matter of installing Apache and doing a little

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