Tech Republic: Buy Pogo or buy nothing!

[ Thanks to Jonathan
for this link. ]

“Pogo has put together a package that handles the Linux
operating system with incredible efficiency, speed, and
stability–the Altura Athlon.
Jack Wallen, Jr. had the
pleasure of reviewing Pogo’s Altura Athlon machine, and in this
Daily Drill Down, he unveils his findings.”

“Jack discovered that not only was the outside of the Pogo
Altura striking, the inside was just as impressive…”

“Upon logging in, Jack found several nice surprises. The first
was that Pogo set up the machine to default boot to Linux with a
root password of password, which made everything easy. The next
surprise was that Samba was installed, pre-configured, and ready to
run. Jack tested this configuration by running the smbmount command
to mount a remote Windows NT machine. Without any configuring or
hacking, the Pogo machine easily connected to the Windows NT

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