TechRepublic: AdminRepublic user says, “Hey IT guys, adjust your attitude about Linux!”

Changing your perspective
One of the key elements in becoming a Linux user is adjusting
your perspective on client and server systems. …many of us have
forgotten what it’s like to have complete control over a

Source code
The whole point of the source code is that it lets you fix errors
or study the fixes others have used. Instead of downloading a file
and not knowing exactly what you’re correcting, or the
ramifications of a patch on nonvendor applications, you can
recompile and test… It may take more time, but you are in control
of your system.”

Stop reacting to every upgrade and patch as if your system will not
survive without it. This is a Windows-created myth.”

Under Linux, we have the option not to load gigabytes of apps and
files that we may never use. There’s no escape from monstrous
installs in the Windows world.”

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