TechWeb: Caldera Lassoes Partners, Private Funding

“Linux distributor Caldera Systems, in advance of an initial
public offering, has received $30 million in private funding from a
veritable Who’s Who in computing….”

“Executives at Orem, Utah-based Caldera, whose flagship product
is called OpenLinux, said it would use its private capital to fund
operations and accelerate growth. Caldera’s sister company, Lineo,
is developing a version of Linux for embedded devices.”

We went out and tried to find partners, not just
investors,” said Ransom Love, Caldera president. “We were not
looking for money. We were looking for people who could help us
with our Linux for e-business strategy.
In our case, we were
not looking for companies to simply state that they are doing
Linux. Our focus was more not for the money, but key relationships,
and we expect to have significant announcements with each of these
partners in the near future.”