TechWeb: Comdex To Showcase Win 2000, Wireless Wares

“The annual mix of cutting-edge technology, hundreds of vendors,
new products, and more than 200,000 attendees combined with
jangling slot machines, neon lights, and nonstop parties starts
this weekend in Las Vegas….”

A few years ago, Comdex attendees had to search hard for
signs of Linux. Now, the upstart operating system has its own
concurrent exposition and dozens of companies making product,
partnering, and service announcements.
Linux guru Linus
Torvalds, the 29-year-old Finnish programmer who created and
watches over the open source code Linux kernel, is scheduled to
deliver a keynote Monday night. Last spring, at another technology
trade show in Chicago, Torvalds attracted as much attention as the
Windows OS king.”

“Red Hat Software CEO Bob Young, Caldera CEO Ransom Love, and
Corel executives said they plan to give keynotes, product
introductions, and promotions at the Linux Business Expo.”