Tensions Between Ubuntu, Fedora Mount Over New Website

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“In an ideal world, free-software developers would
happily get along and cooperate towards the same ends. But the
world’s far from perfect, as rising tensions between the Ubuntu and
Fedora camps have made clear recently in the wake of the founding a
new website intended, ironically, to promote “respect” within the
open-source ecosystems.

“The site, OpenRespect.org, was launched about a week ago by
Ubuntu community member Jono Bacon, who announced the new
initiative on his blog. The domain currently doesn’t host much
besides a brief blurb titled “The OpenRespect Declaration” and some
tools designed to help socialize the OpenRespect concept.

“While the site’s content may be minimal, it nonetheless
elicited a response from the community surrounding the Fedora Linux
distribution, perhaps the second most popular open-source operating
system among desktop users, that was less than enthusiastic.
Several Fedora users expressed dissatisfaction with the
site–or at least Bacon’s decision to publish it without first
seeking input from other groups–in a board meeting last week.
Their objections ranged from concerns over whether the OpenRespect
statement inappropriately equates politeness with respect, to
complaints that it seems to be designed to benefit Canonical and as
such leaves at least one Fedora user feeling “uncomfortable.””

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