Text Flow in OpenOffice.org Writer

“Most people are content to let their word processor determine
hyphenation and text breaks for them. And, most of the time, the
result is acceptable if they do. However, just as the default
justification can be improved if you want to take the time, so can
the text flow. OpenOffice.org has the tools you need, but improving
the text flow is as much about knowing the conventions of text flow
(what you might think of as the typographical grammar) as the
settings themselves.


“Unknown to most people, hyphenation follows strict rules. Or,
to be exact, it does so in professional typography; digital layout
is much looser. These rules are neatly summarized in Robert
Bringhurst’s The Elements of Typographical Style, which is widely
considered the Bible of modern typography, and is certainly the
most concise guide to type layout ever written…”