The 0.11 Release

“‘This version has a lot of corrections, and is stable at least
on my machine,’ noted Linus Torvalds in the 0.11 Linux kernel
release announcement, ‘I /hope/ every known bug is fixed, but no
promises (and all unknown bugs are still there, probably with
reinforcements ;-).’ The 0.11 kernel was released on December 8th,
1991, gaining demand loading, the mkfs, fsck and fdisk utilities,
improved floppy drivers, a console that could generate beeps,
support for US, German, French and Finnish keyboards, and settable
line-speeds for the com ports (instead of having them hard-coded to
2400bps). Noticeably lacking was support for SCSI, an init/login
system (Linux 0.11 booted into a root bash prompt), and paging to