The 5 Best Open Source Graphics Programs

“Inkscape: As GIMP is to bitmap editing, Inkscape is to editing
vector graphics. If you’re not familiar with the two, see this
About.com piece for a good breakdown of vector versus bitmap.

“Inkscape is similar to tools like Adobe Illustrator or
CorelDraw. It lets you edit and create complex (or simple) artwork
— anything from icons and simple clip art to complex illustrations
for children’s books. Check out the gallery on the Inkscape Wiki
for some examples of what can be done with Inkscape.

“If you’re familiar with Illustrator or another vector graphics
tool, it shouldn’t be difficult to get up to speed with Inkscape.
If not, the documentation provided by the Inkscape community should
prove very helpful. Inkscape is available for Linux, Windows, and
Mac OS X.”

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