The Bad Guys Will Cut Off Your Fingers

“Linux has always supported Thinkpads pretty well, though the
onboard modems and sound are chronic trouble spots. In fact, these
days the modem is the sound chip. Two troubles for the price of
one! But, as always, Linux coders make these things work despite
the best efforts of all those innovative proprietary vendors to
thwart them. I have a Lenovo T61 with an integrated fingerprint
reader, and finally got around to seeing if I could make it work.
Thanks to the fine folks at ThinkWiki.org and Thinkfinger, I had it
up and working in no time. ThinkWiki is an essential resource for
Linux Thinkpad owners, and don’t forget to contribute your own tips
and success stories.

“A word of warning first: biometrics is all sexy and hawt and
touted as the final security solution. Unfortunately, it’s