The Battle For Wesnoth [Review]

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“The Battle for Wesnoth is not your typical run-of-the-mill TBS
game. The genre turn-based strategy, or TBS, is very
self-explanatory. It is, simply put, a game where-as the game flow
is broken down into turns or rounds and the game plays from there
on. Although there are many other fantasy-themed titles floating
around the Internet, this one does stand out of the crowd with its
many intriguing features. For starters, the game offers nearly 200
forms of units along with 16 variations of races and six factions
to choose from. The game allows the users to become creative and
embark on their own personalized journeys. From conceiving your own
units and characters to forging the worlds you dream of being in,
the Battle for Wesnoth is a must-have download for any gamer out

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