The Definitive Review of Ubuntu 8.04 “Hardy Herron”

“According to the socialists who make Ubuntu Linux, a new
version of their somewhat popular operating system is to be
released tomorrow: It’s been just over a year since Microsoft
released Windows Vista–the question on everybody’s lips is have
the Ubuntu people managed to catch up with Microsoft’s flagship
product? Is Linux finally ready for the desktop or is it still
little more than a plaything for unemployed nerds?

“Linux, as we all know, began life as a hobbyist operating
system–invented by conspiracy theorist Richard ‘Stalin’ Stallman
so that he could have an operating system that was just as
unfriendly as confusing as his word-processor ‘e-Macs…'”

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[Editor’s Note: Since the original posting
of this article, some material on the satirical STR site has been
added next to this article that some might find objectionable,
despite the site’s humorous intent. After discussion with some LT
readers who brought the new content to my attention, it was felt
that a warning about potentially objectionable material ahead was
warranted. Proceed with your own conscience. -BKP]