The Device Behind the GPL’s First U.S. Legal Test

[ Thanks to Steven J.
for this link. ]

“Moonsoon Multimedia has used embedded Linux to build a consumer
DVR (digital video recorder) with remote multimedia file serving
capabilities. The Hava–recently implicated in a GPL violation
court case–aims to let the user access live and recorded TV
content from broadband-connected locations.

“Like the original Linux-based TiVo DVR, the Hava offers
‘time-shifting’ capabilities, such as the capability to pause live
television, or record it for asynchronous playback. And, like the
BSD-based SlingBox, it offers integrated multimedia file serving
capabilities aimed at ‘place-shifting’ content, letting users
consume live or recorded content from any PC on the LAN, with no
tuner or capture card required, or from any PC or device connected
to the Internet via broadband…”