The Five Best Linux Live CDs

“Linux is so useful, you don’t even need to install it before it
gets to work. One of the popular uses of Linux is to create live
media that can be used to run desktop systems or to create utility
discs for all kinds of administration. Confused about the live CD
that’s right for you? No worries, we’ve got the top five live Linux
CDs to get you started.

“The popularity of live CDs has waned a little bit over the
years, for a couple of reasons. One of the big reasons a lot of
users chose a live CD, initially, was the difficulty of
installation. Back in the day, Linux just wasn’t as easy to install
as it is now. And many users liked to use Linux on a live CD to get
the hang of it before trying to dual-boot with Windows or replacing
Windows altogether.

“By the way, while we’re talking about live CDs here, you’re not
restricted to CDs for most Linux live distros. Some ship full DVDs
of software, and most are bootable from USB as well…”

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