The kernel column with Jon Masters #106

[ Thanks to Linux User &
Developer magazine
for this link. ]

“The security troubles with kernel.org have certainly had an
impact on the overall Linux 3.1 development cycle. In addition to
being unable to post some development trees (due to corporate
policies requiring some to use kernel.org), many had their
workflows upended by the loss of fairly critical

“Linus was able to continue to post changes to his kernel tree
newly hosted on github.com, taking the version to release candidate
3.1-rc8. There were a few automount and USB issues, but generally
Linus said “it really is getting quite calm”. The bigger issue was
how to handle the impending merge window (the period of time
following a release during which Linus allows disruptive changes
that will make it into the next release) without the regular
kernel.org facilities.”

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