The Linux Journal 1998 Editor’s Choice Awards

by Dwight Johnson

Las Vegas, November 18. At 7:00PM this evening in the Zeus Room
of the Alexis Park Resort, some 40 Linux enthusiasts assembled for
the Linux Journal 1998 Editor’s Choice Awards ceremony.

In opening remarks, Phil Hughes, Linux Journal publisher,
outlined the history of the parent company SSC, how the Linux
Journal came to be created and the transitions Linux has passed
through. In its current transition, Linux is poised for open
acceptance into general business use.

Hughes said that Linux Journal readers could expect to see more
coverage of business use of Linux in future issues and also
announced that Linux Journal was establishing an advisory board of
leaders from the community to help fine tune its editorial
direction. Hughes then introduced Linux Journal editor Marjorie
Richardson for the awards presentation. There were awards in seven

  1. The award for Best New Book went to John Blair for his book
    Samba: Integrating UNIX and Windows.
  2. The award for Best Business Solution went to Cisco Systems for
    their use of Linux in their corporate printer servers.
  3. The award for Best New Application went to Informix, who early
    next year will ship a version of its flagship Dynamic Server
    database on Linux.
  4. The award for Best New Hardware went to Corel for their
    Linux-powered NetWinder line of computers.
  5. The award for Best New Gadget went to the Schlumberger
    Cyberflex card, the world’s first Java-based smart card.
  6. The award for Most Desired Port went to QuarkXpress.
  7. The award for Product of the Year went to Netscape Communicator
    for becoming open source.

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