The Microsoft Spin Machine Makes Racketeering Seem Acceptable

[ Thanks to Roy
for this link. ]

“Microsoft’s current strategy is to make Android more expensive
by means of extortion, as last we mentioned just a few days ago. Or
as Geek.com puts it, ‘Microsoft now earning royalties for every
Kindle Fire sold?’

“It takes unbelievable spin to somehow justify this, so
Microsoft has a little PR offensive going for that angle.
‘Microsoft has already scored two big time Android IP licensing
deals, one with HTC and the other more recently with Samsung,’ says
one report. ‘The boys in Redmond have now secured one more epic
deal, this time with Taiwan’s Quanta Computer Inc. Wait, who?’

“This affects eBook readers with Linux. There is a
Microsoft-friendly troll which is also trying to add ‘royalties’ to
this Linux device, so it is just part of the overall strategy. With
the addition of ludicrous Apple patents they are trying to impose
sanctions against the spread of Android (we will deal with Apple
separately later). By adhering to euphemisms such as ‘protect’,
‘assert’, ‘IP’, ‘license’, and ‘royalty’ they are managing to get
away with violations of the RICO Act — so far. When Microsoft
and Apple “get into bed together you have to start wondering what’s
going on,’ said a Senior Vice President from Google a few months