The new Ubuntu is netbook and Windows friendly

[ Thanks to Steven J.
for this link. ]

“When you think of Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux, what do
you think of? Well, you probably think of a smooth, easy to use
desktop Linux. You also wouldn’t be surprised to know that it came
designed to work and play well with netbooks. I bet you would be
surprised to know though that part of it, Ubuntu One, the personal
cloud service for Ubuntu users, will soon work with Android,
iPhone, and Windows.

“That’s exactly what Canonical is planning through for Ubuntu
10.10, which will be available for download on Sunday, October 10.
I’ve already reviewed Ubuntu 10.10 and I like it a lot. Give it a
try. I think you’ll like it.

“I knew that Canonical, as Steve George Canonical’s VP of
Business Development told me, that Canonical was still working hard
on making Ubuntu work well with the netbook form factor. George
said, “The focus of Ubuntu 10.10 is on consumer users. The netbook
market may be quieter, but it’s still a happening market. People
are using multiple form factors-netbook and desktop-and we want to
give them both.” “

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