The Open Source Solution to Solving Linux Wi-Fi Problem

[ Thanks to Matt D. for
this link. ]

“Could this be the badly needed ‘fix’ that we need in the
wireless world with regard to Linux? While it does present a new
world of simplicity with getting innovation underway, I do not
think this alone is going to help get more wireless vendors on
board with the Linux movement anytime soon. Still, the efforts made
with OpenHAL and MadWiFi hold out hope for many users out there,
especially those of us who are tired of playing ‘musical wireless
cards,’ thanks to the vendors who choose to use those darn Broadcom

“What a grand day it will be to see wireless cards purchased at
big box stores working without the hassle. Unfortunately, this
dream remains a long way off. The bigger problem of vendor
acceptance that Linux users are here and would potentially make up
a nice sized niche market should these vendors choose to wake up
and smell reality…”